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75% of the people who send the first message, underestimate its importance!
Make the first and decisive move!
According to a survey conducted by us, 75% of users would "underestimate" the (great) importance of the first message sent.

We tend to assume that after a match, that person is automatically interested in you. So much so as to induce you to send discounted, banal and not at all interesting messages which often induce the other person to stop replying. Thus making you miss a good chance!

Obviously here we will not list sentences to begin with, as each message is different from person to person, something can be interesting for someone but not for others.

And then? How you do it? It is soon said. The goal is to impress, to do so it would be excellent to start with a phrase or question based on the interests of the profile just "matched". By doing so, you will show that you have read the profile, which is fundamental, and in addition you will not be interested only in the physical aspect.

It is likely that the person you are chatting with has other contacts and starting with a "Hello" or an even less appropriate "hey" will not make you jump at the top of his preferences.

Show interest, real interest in your brand, attract his curiosity and attention, put various topics on the plate and you will see that all this will lead to great results.

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