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Your perfect "look" is what makes you feel comfortable!
Let's open our closets!
This is also a nice dilemma. Not only girls but also and above all boys are often prey anxiety about which item of clothing to choose for the first date.

1. Choose a piece of clothing that makes you feel comfortable

This point, however obvious it may be, is very important. Indeed one of the secrets to let go well a first date is feeling comfortable. So how to dress takes on great importance. So from a jeans that suits you particularly well, a blazer with elegance and simplicity & serious;

2. Choose according to place and occasion

It is clear that the place of the appointment and time are particularly important. If it takes place for a lunch in the city center, as mentioned above, focus on something comfortable and simple.

If, on the other hand, you should go for an aperitif and dinner in romantic places of a certain level, focus on an elegant one dress, maybe even with a sexy component (but not too much!).

3. And .. the coat?

The first garment that will inevitably be under the first glance is the coat. If it is winter, we certainly cannot go out with a small jacket .. but do not even miss the first thing that happens to you blotter. Yes to a nice coat and a scarf, try to avoid jackets that flood.

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